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Carbon Film Resistors 1 Piece Pack

  • 1/4w 5% carbon film resistors
  • Excellent quality with best material
  • Product from insignia labs India
  • Tested and working
  • 1 Piece Pack Rs.4
  • Usually ships in 1 day
  • 7 Days Return Policy
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Carbon film resistors have largely been replaced by metal types are very cheap to make and are therefore commonly used in electrical circuits for general purpose applications, due to their poorer tolerance and noise characteristics. However, they are still used in some specialist applications.

The resistor are available at resistor Electronics from industry leading manufacturers is constructed by forming a carbon film onto a ceramic substrate. This has multiple advantages. Firstly, the film is largely non-inductive, secondly, the ceramic is an excellent insulator for heat and electricity, and thirdly, the layout has a large cross-section. So, their low inductance makes them useful for high-frequency applications and their larger cross-section lends itself to higher operating voltages and better survivability to transients than many other types. As a result, although less widely used, they are still commonly available.