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KBPC3510 35A 1000V Bridge Rectifier 1 Piece Pack

  • Features:-
  • SKU : D8094p73921H
  • High current capability
  • Surge overload rating: 400A peak
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Power Loss
  • Low reverse leakage current
  • Electrically isolated Metal case for Maximum Heat Dissipation
  • High case dielectric strength
  • Peak Reverse Voltage : 50V to 1000V
  • Case to Terminal Isolation Voltage : 2500V
  • 1 Piece Pack Rs.80
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  • 7 Days Return Policy
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A KBPC3510 is a widely used general purpose diode. It is normally build to use as rectifier in the power supplies section of electronic appliances for converting AC voltage to DC with other filter capacitors. It is a diode of 1N400x series in which there are also other similar diodes from1N4001to KBPC3510 and the only difference between them is the max repetitive reverse voltage.

Moreover it can also be used in any general purpose application where there is need of a general diode. The KBPC3510 diode is built for working with high voltages and it can easily handle voltage below 1000V. The 1000mA or 1A average fwd current, 3W power dissipation with small size and lost cost also makes it ideal for wide variety of applications.

Where We Can Use It

KBPC3510 can be used in variety of circuits, it is normally built for general purpose rectification purpose but it can also be used in any circuit where there is need of voltage blocking, blocking voltage spikes etc. It can also be used in digital logic circuits.

Power Supplies
Battery Chargers
Voltage Doublers
Components protection
Blocking incoming voltage where not required