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Men's Full Sleeve Lycra Plain Shirt DarkSlateBlue 1 Piece Pack

₹280 -39% Off ₹460
  • SKU: 111100@
  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash 
  • Fit Type: Casual
  • Fabric : Polycotton
  • Without Pocket
  • Color: DarkSlateBlue
  • Color Code: #19449f
  • Usually ships in 1 day
  • 7 Days Return Policy
  • Your order will be delivered in 5-7 working days

Advantages Of Lycra Fabrics:

Lycra fabrics are mostly affordable and provide warmth and breathability by allowing sweat to evaporate through its pores while wicking moisture away from your skin. Pure lycra shirts are suitable for the winter season. Lycra and cotton blend shirts can be used in both the winter and summer seasons.

Disadvantages of Lycra Fabrics:

Slippery and too tight for some people, which might lead to an increase in friction between skin and clothing.


Lycra shirts are not inherently good or bad but really depend on what you want to wear and how much money you’re willing to spend. If a lycra shirt helps make you feel better about yourself or have more confidence in the way your body looks, then it can be good.